Blond beer

Bavaria Premium 20

Bavaria Premium


Origin: Netherlands, Type: Pilsner, Alc. vol.: 5%, Vol.: 500ml

Bavaria Premium has a full, light, refreshing and less harsh taste than the other import beers. It is produced in pilsner style resulting a pleasant beer with a delicate aroma.

Bernard Premium 22

Bernard Premium


Origin: Czech Republic, Type: Pilsner, Alc. vol.:4.9%, Vol.: 500ml

It is a natural, unpasteurized pilsner beer, characterized by its golden color and aromatic bouquet. This beer has a full body, light aroma and it’s refreshing which makes it a very good balanced beer. The best quality of hop from Zatec zone, malt and spring water from Moravia offers this beer a rich foam, transparent glittering and an intense aroma.

Nenea Iancu Special Blond 21

Nenea Iancu Special Blond


Origin: Romania, Type: Bavarian Lager, Alc. vol,:4.9%, Vol.:500ml

It is a Bavarian Lager type of beer with a golden yellow color that surprises us at the beginning by its dense and creamy foam which persists for a long time. The light, sweet and slightly bitter taste combines with the balanced aroma of malt and ripe grain. The velvety texture and fine carbonation completes this beer.

Paulaner Munchner Hell 23

Paulaner Munchner Hell


Origin: Germany, Type: Munich Lager, Alc. vol.: 4,9%, Vol.: 500ml

Paulaner Munchner Hell is a a golden colored beer which forms a medium density foam. It has an aroma of herbs with notes of nettle and one drop of wheat beer aroma. It is very refreshing with an inviting taste of lemon and aroma of hop. All of these make Munchener Hell a lightsome beer.

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