• TABLES & CHAIRS TANGO: Before you start playing musical chairs or constructing your own furniture fortress, give us a shout. We’re like the Cupid of seating arrangements – let us make the match. Remember, a table without its chair buddies is just a fancy shelf.

  • VIP SEATING FOR INVISIBLE FRIEND? Those big tables are for the party animals, not for a duo plus their imaginary friends. It’s not you, it’s just bar math.

  • THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARING TABLES: No, we don’t have an exclusive table hideaway for the elite. If we say there’s no table, it’s not a riddle; it’s just reality.

  • THE GREAT ICE MYSTERY: Ever notice your drink shrinking without ice? No, we don’t have thirsty ghosts; it’s just science doing its thing.

  • SMILES ARE FREE – COLLECT ‘EM ALL!: Be nice! It’s the one currency that’s always in style, and we pay it forward. Smiles are like yawns, but less awkward and more contagious.

  • THE WAITING GAME: When it’s as packed as a can of sardines, your patience is more golden than ever. Our staff hasn’t embarked on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis; we’re just swamped!

  • DJ WANNABES, HOLD YOUR MIXTAPES: Our playlist is a finely-tuned symphony of vibes. Unless you’re a secret Beethoven of beats, let’s stick to our tunes, shall we?

  • SIMULTANEOUS ORDERING = MAGIC: It’s like a choreographed dance of efficiency and happiness. Help us help you, and let’s keep the dance floor – I mean, the service – smooth.

  • CHARGE YOUR PHONES AT HOME, MAGICIANS: Our outlets are on a strict diet. Bring your power banks, because our electricity is reserved for cooking up magic in the kitchen!
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